We know the world has become a really weird place almost overnight, and many people are suffering right now – and will continue to for a while yet. 

In our small way, as an independent online retailer, we’d like to help you pass the time in as fun a way as you can make possible, by providing the products below at our lowest possible price. That means there’s a serious discount on each of the products below.

Please note that other discount codes cannot be used on the individual items below.

These items will all revert to their regular price on the last day of the month, to be replaced with new options. 


Toys for teasing your vulva, vagina and clit (or perhaps someone else’s?)


Toys For Vulvas & Vaginas

OhMiBod Freestyle G Vibrator (Purple)

£99.99 £84.99

Toys For Vulvas & Vaginas

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH (+ Black Thong)

£81.99 £72.99

Toys For Vulvas & Vaginas

Lovelife Krush by OhMiBod Kegal Trainer

£135.99 £122.99
Out of stock

Long-Distance and Interactive Toys

Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 Couple Set

£269.99 £259.95

Toys for your penis (or perhaps someone else’s?)


Vibrating and Stroking

Autoblow AI Blowjob Machine

£249.99 £235.99

Nipples, Bums & Accesssories