Our Vision

We want to make the sometimes confusing world of sexual technology and pleasure simple and accessible for everyone.

Who we are

A team of dedicated sex toy users, testers, reviewers that specialise in all aspects of sexual technology.

Our History

We grew out of the popularity of our editorial site, SEXTECHGUIDE, founded by experienced technology editors.


We love what we do and we do it with passion.

Unlike many other sex toy and sex tech retailers, we have a product knowledge and expertise honed over years of experience curating and reviewing a wide-range of consumer electronics  – with specialist insight into the sex tech market. 

You’ll probably also notice that we don’t stock many products in comparison to many other online stores. That’s because we care more about ensuring a positive experience around the use of sex tech than simply making a sale. If a toy is no good, you won’t enjoy it – but as we’re users too, we really want you to enjoy it! 

Our curated shopping experience does stock newly released products, we just choose those we want to offer to customers very carefully.  

If you need any help, you can click the SEXTECH.CO.UK icon in the bottom-right corner of the site for assistance. 

(Pro tip: Try searching for sex toy reviews in the widget too, e.g. “Fleshlight Launch review”).