How to Clean and Store Sex Toys

A clean sex toy is essential, not only to make them last longer, but to keep them hygienic and body safe. Did you know that depending on the types of materials found in your sex toy, they will need a specific type of care? We’ll make sure you got that covered, including what lubricants are compatible and how to clean and store your toys properly.

First and foremost: know your sex toy materials. Only in recent years are sex toy manufacturers being held accountable for the materials that go into your products. Regulations in many countries still only count sex toys as “novelty” items, which means they aren’t approved by the FDA, even though they go inside your body. Best thing to do is always check what materials your toys are made from, and whether they are porous or non-porous – this will predominantly determine how to clean your toys.

This is important to avoid bacteria growing and pathogens from being passed either from one partner to another, or from one orifice to another. Using a condom on your sex toys and changing them for each play can also be recommended, but proper sex toy cleaning habits will also suffice.

How to Clean Sex Toys

Porous materials are commonly (although, decreasingly) found in sex toys, and these tend to harbour bacteria in the pores if not cleaned properly. They are also more likely to contain phthalates than non-porous toys. Phthalates are toxic and so need extra care and storage attention, otherwise they can become dangerous.

PVC, rubber, latex, TPR (thermoplastic rubber found in “real-skin” fleshy type toys) and jelly materials are all porous. These delicate materials deserve to be cleaned before and after every use, either with warm water, soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

Non-porous materials on the other hand, including silicone, ABS plastic, glass, metal, and even well-treated wood and stone. These are easily cleaned with warm water, warm water and soap, sex toy cleaners, as well as alcohol wipes, milk bleach solutions and, bar wood toys, even by boiling or popping them in your dishwasher.

Sex Toy Storage

If you think bunging your sex toys in your bedside drawer is okay… think again.

It is advised to store each toy (particularly silicone and rubber toys) separately to avoid damage  such as melting and discolouration, as well as bacterial transference. particularly should not be stored with other toys. Storing sex toys in separate pouches, bags or cases will make this easier.

How to Look After your Sex Toys

As we are mostly dealing with sex tech (rather than all types of sex toys) on this site, the correct cleaning regime will also be fairly dependent on whether it’s fully waterproof or not – and whether the electronics can handle high levels of heat.

Again, it is ideal to store any sex tech devices individually, but also, if your product is battery operated, make sure those are removed when not in use. With newer sex tech where you can’t remove the batteries, just make sure they are switched off when not in use and don’t keep them on charge over the time stated in the instruction manual, this will keep them in good condition for longer.  

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