5 sex bloggers share their top toys for vulvas

Let’s be honest, the best thing about lockdown has been enjoying sex toys on the reg.

You might think we’d say that as a sex toy store, but it’s true, 2020 has only been made better by sex technology. According to new research from the Kinsey Institute, one in five people reported making a new addition to their sex life since the pandemic began, and sex toys sales are on the up. 

Who better to share their most-loved toys than sex bloggers and toy reviewers themselves? SEXTECH.co.uk asked five of our favourite pleasure pioneers which toys or brands featured on our site frequently end up being recommended by them to friends or family.

Sexpert By Day, Instagram influencer (@SexpertByDay)

5 sex bloggers share their top toys for vulvas

With over seven years in the sex toy industry and having my own review page on Instagram, I have had the privilege to introduce many new toys into the bedroom. My absolute favourite toy as a reviewer is hands down the Satisfyer Pro 2.

It’s absolutely mind-blowing and unlike other clit toys that only have vibrations, this one combines with suction. When combined, the suction with the pulsation setting mimics oral sex – especially when you add lube. 

Consistency is key when it comes to reaching an orgasm for many women and this toy is the complete package. If you are looking to reach complete nirvana, add this toy to your cart, you won’t regret it.

SexpertByDay, 2020.

> Check out the Satisfyer Pro 2

Cy, Super Smash Cache blogger

5 sex bloggers share their top toys for vulvas

“Look at this bludgeon. I could kill someone with it.” That’s how I usually introduce my friends to the njoy Eleven or Le Wand Contour. They’re hefty stainless steel dildos, at 2.75 and 4.5 pounds, respectively. But their force and unyielding curves are precisely what make them so effective for all of my internal erogenous zones: G-spot, A-spot, and cervix. 

Think of a series of gasping, five-octave screaming orgasms. The ‘Oh my God, oh God, oh God, I think I might blackout’ type. If my house ever burned down, I’d go back into the rubble to retrieve these dildos.”

Cy Smash, 2020.

> Check out Le Wand

Gigi Engle, certified sexologist and author

5 sex bloggers share their top toys for vulvas

“I’m obsessed with the Le Wand Rechargeable Massager – it’s my go-to sex toy along with The Womanizer Liberty. I love this wand because it’s really beautiful, super powerful, and goes for nearly a month on one charge. I call it the LBD of sex toys.

It’s fantastic for masturbation (mutual or solo), or during partnered sex. My favorite position for this toy with a partner is missionary wherein the giver is kneeling, giving the clit-owners a lot of space between your bodies to stimulate the external clitorial glans. 

If you love deep, rumbly vibration, this toy is a must. Be sure to pair it with a high-quality water-based lube – my favorite is Aqua Feel from SKYN.”

Gigi Engle, 2020.

> Check out the Le Wand Rechargeable Massager

Jenny Waugh, Instagram educator (@sexpositivesexed)

“I’m in a long term relationship with the We-Vibe Touch, my go-to for both solo and partnered sex for about five years. The Touch is a small, rechargeable silicone palm vibrator whose compact size I appreciate – it doesn’t get in the way and the power is concentrated where it matters most: my clit.

I always recommend this toy to beginners and folks confused and/or frustrated with the number of sex tools and toys on the market. I learned little to nothing about masturbation and pleasure growing up at home or from school-based sex education, and many others have the same experience. 

For most there is no real guide to learning about masturbation, and especially for deciding what you enjoy and what you do not when it comes to trying sex toys. I think the We-Vibe Touch is a pretty fool-proof pleasure product for beginners and anyone else looking for something powerful and reliable without the bulk.”

Jenny Waugh, 2020.

Betty Butch, blogger

5 sex bloggers share their top toys for vulvas

“One of my absolute favourite sex toys is the Satisfyer Traveler. The Traveler is a budget-friendly air pulsation toy with a wider-than-average nozzle that works well with my body. It’s compact, easy to use, and has a comfortable range of intensities. I love that it has a magnetic cover – I can snap it shut and not worry about it collecting dust in my drawer, or having it accidentally turn on in my pocket or bag. 

Air pulsation is my go-to stimulation choice when I’m feeling dysphoria related to my genitals; the fluttering, suction-like pulses of air are very different from vibration, and I don’t have to touch myself besides getting the toy in place. 

The Traveler’s neutral design is also pretty affirming. So many sex toys made for vulvas are pink!”

Betty Butch, 2020.

> Check out the Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Vibrator

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