Sex Toys Perfect to Indulge a Public Sex Kink

Agoraphilia is the named fetish for wanting to have sex in public places. Public sex often ignites the thrill of getting caught, without ever actually getting caught, at least hopefully.

According to Superdrug’s 2017 survey, 56% of men and 43% of women admitted that the idea of having sex in public was a turn-on. This may be a particular fantasy of yours, or you might just be looking to spice things up in your relationship – taking the pleasure outside of the bedroom.

Now, before we go any further, of course public sex may be fun, but it is highly important to point out that it is not ok to include other people in your sex without their consent.

Forcing unsuspecting members of the public to know you are aroused, or playing with sex toys, counts as including them. In most countries public masturbation and sexual exhibitionism is illegal. Consider yourself warned and informed – our advice does not constitute legal advice.

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When purchasing a sex toy for your public play, make sure it is discreet and pleasurable. By this we mean it fits neatly into your underwear without any obvious exposure.

Are the vibrations going to be quiet enough for you to go about unnoticed? For optimum arousal, wearing the device should most definitely be comfortable.

When looking for your perfect public sex toy, think about what kind of stimulation you want. There are plentiful possibilities for your clitoris, G-spot, penis or butt.

Decide whether you want a toy that connects to your smartphone, or comes with a remote device. This will have an impact on the distance and level of technology in the toy. 

App controlled toys mean that your partner can dominate your public sexcapades from nearby, or even the other side of the world.

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There are a few final things to remember before embarking on your public quest.

  • Be respectful of your surroundings. We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable (except perhaps you, if that’s part of your kink), and you certainly don’t want to get arrested. There are better ways to fulfil a uniform kink.
  • Plan your trip in advance. Make sure the toy is on and app-ready before you’re in a public setting; it may be a little tricky fiddling around with any buttons while out and about.
  • If you are struggling for spots to secretly enjoy yourselves, start off by taking a walk in the park. There’s plenty of bushes you can hide behind in case you can’t handle the heat. Just steer well clear of any playgrounds.

The only question left is, can you keep a straight face?

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