Harmful social connotations around sexuality play a huge part in how we perceive ourselves, particularly in our sex lives and in our relationships. While female sexuality appears to be undergoing a revolution of empowerment – you know, clawing its way out of centuries of shame – male sexuality remains to be stigmatised – deemed as an ‘uncontrollable necessity’, and a potentially ‘creepy’ one at that.  Male masturbatory sleeves are typically a target of this stigma. They are commonly seen as ‘gross’, ‘sad’, and even threatening, even though they can benefit people’s sexual health and wellbeing in so many ways. Fears and stigmas stifle sexual liberation and limit sextech innovation. This can prohibit us from accessing our full pleasure potential, or at the least make us feel ashamed for enjoying pleasure. 

Why are masturbatory sleeves seen as ‘gross’?

There's still stigma around masturbation sleeves, but there are some real benefits With sleeves, just as with any sex toys, they need to be cleaned to be kept in good condition, otherwise, yes, they will become pretty gross. If sleeves are not washed properly, they can harbour bacteria and this can lead to infections. Check our article on how to clean your toy properly. The general notion is that male masturbation is a necessity, that men are incapable of controlling their sexual desires. This plays into the idea that male sexuality is inherently predatory and ‘creepy’ and objectifies female bodies. Arguably, this isn’t helped with flesh-like products, similarly as with female humanoid sex robots. Additionally, where vulvas are regularly deemed as ‘disgusting’ in a misogynistic society, a vulva shaped fleshlight may also evoke an unsettling emotion within the Uncanny Valley.  810476012434x1
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Why are masturbatory sleeves seen as ‘sad’?

The use of a masturbatory sleeve unfairly connotes an ‘inability to find a real person to have sex with’. While this genuinely might be the case for some people – due to personal emotional barriers, physical sexual dysfunctions, disabilities, mental health or bodily issues – self-pleasure offers a whole host of benefits. Some may use fleshlights or sleeves to practice for the real thing, to learn endurance, and become better for a lover.  810476012434x1
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What are some of the benefits of using a Fleshlight or other male stroker?

According to this study, approximately 50% of men in their 50s suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). This study found 26% of men under 40 also suffer. This number appears to be growing. The Mayo Clinic says that a third of men have experienced premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, affecting some more than others. Just as vibrators can aid clitoral orgasms, sleeves and fleshlights are tools that can help people gain a better understanding over their pleasure and be in control of their ejaculation. Using sextech to enjoy self-pleasure, can build up self-esteem and even enhance intimate relationships. Enjoy sleeves with a partner and let them take complete control of your pleasure as you relax into bliss. Just as dildos and vibrators are becoming less phallic and more creative, we see more sleek designs in fleshlight innovation that feel good, as well as look good. Just check out Kiiroo’s teledildonic fleshlights or the AutoBlowRead Next: 8 considerations before you buy a sex toy for your penis

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