How to Use Smart Sex Toys to Stay in Touch with Your Partner

Sex Toys for Long-Distance Couples

From phone sex to video sex, it was only inevitable that technology would reach a physical level to help partners stay in touch – quite literally. Taking the all important “touch element” of sex, teledildonics have been developed to create haptic real time feedback between bluetooth enabled sex toys and an app on your mobile device, to mimic real life sex.

Whether you’re long distance lovers or just have clashing work schedules, smart sex toys help couples to remain intimate through remote sex via the internet. We’ve come up with just a few suggestions on how you may want to explore smart vibration and motion technology to sexually stimulate one or both of you.

Dual stimulation

Using dual stim smart sex toys such as the Kiiroo Onyx and OhMiBod’s Fuse couples set, the interactive motion technology allows you to feel the other persons touch. Connect on a physical level with this two way haptic communication of pleasure.

Remote domination

Maybe you want to play with power and give or take all of the control. Using the We-Connect App you can dominate your partner’s We-Vibe Sync G-Spot vibrator, Ditto vibrating butt plug or Verge perineum vibrating cock ring, sending personalised vibrations. Teasing. Edging. Building them to climax. Using the video chat feature on the app you can watch them squirm with frustrated delight.

Public play

If you’re partner lives in a different time zone to you and you’re not able to coincide your pleasure, smart sex tech can also be enjoyed outside of the bedroom… anytime and anywhere. A bit of public play can really spice up your relationship. Particularly sex toys that are discreet or insertable like the OhMiBod Esca2 powered by Kiiroo. This insertable vibrator has a real time feedback light on the end of it’s antennae to show off during your late video sex, but this can also be turned off while you’re out busy on your day to day tasks for more privacy.

Your partner can sync up and control your vibrations in real time from their phone using either the Feel Connect App or the OhMiBod App. The OhMiBod App lets you text while controlling the vibrations, so you can tell them exactly how excited you are whilst doing your shopping, or even at work.

Since the lift of the 20 year patent on teledildonics last year (2018), we will hopefully be seeing even more innovation around smart sex toys helping you to stay in touch with your partner.

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