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6 types of clitoral sex toys, but which is best for you?

With so many options out there for clitoral sex toys, it’s a mindfield deciding which one will satiate your clitoral desires. The answer is, possibly all of them, but it’s worth investigating the different types sex toys for clitoral stimulation to determine what sensation you’d like to experience. 

The clitoris is unfortunately a seriously unresearched and underserved organ. It was only “discovered” in it’s full-bodied anatomical glory this century. 

At the very best, you were likely brought up with the notion that the clitoris is a small nub located at the top of the vaginal opening. At the very worst, you perhaps never learnt about it at all. 

In 2005, Australian Urologist, Helen O’Connell, carefully uncovered the full size of the clitoris, roughly ten times larger than was previously noted by medical texts. In 2009, the first full-sized 3D model of the clitoris was made. The clitoris is made up of different parts.

  • The tip (or glans)
  • The body (corpus cavernosum)
  • The legs (or crura)
  • The bulbs (or vestibules)

One study done on cows found twice as many nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris than in the head of the penis. Though we are yet to have human studies, knowing more about the clitoris is revolutionising our understanding of pleasure. As it is literally the only organ that is dedicated to pleasure, sex toys are increasingly adapting to stimulate the clitoris in different ways. 

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Different Clit Strokes for Different Folks

It’s true that everyone is unique in their sexual needs. Studies done on people with vaginas, found that only 25% always orgasm from solely penetration with a penis. It is theorised that this is dependent on the position of your clit in relation to the vaginal opening. The rest usually need some form of additional clitoral stimulation (which is where sex toy come in hand—pun was not intended). 

Internal or “vaginal” orgasms are in fact also clitoral orgasms. Stimulation of the G-Spot or G-area is stimulation of the crux of the clitoral body. 

Whether you like direct or indirect clitoral stimulation is very personal, just as having a more dominant side of your clitoris, or as sex toy blogger Dangerous Lilly calls a “lefty” or “righty” depending on where your sweet spot is—you can test this theory next time you’re masturbating! 

When it comes to picking a clitoral sex toy, it might be useful knowing what your clitoris likes. The various types broadly include vibrations, oral simulation, electrostimulation, pinching, lubrication. We will go into these types in a little more detail. 

Vibration Stimulation

The most common type of sex toys for clitoral stimulation is the vibration. You’ll find this in the majority of classic toys, such as the wand, bullets, and cock rings. Vibration is dominant in compact clitoral toys, ones that fit comfortably in your hand. What varies when it comes to vibration is the frequency (buzzy or rumbly), and depending on the shape of the toy, whether it’s targeted or broad vibrations. 

The price, size, and shape of the toy often determines the quality of vibration that you’ll get. Smaller cheaper bullets for example will most likely have a small motor and pinpointed tip creating higher pitched frequencies—a buzzier vibration—which is great if you are into sharp direct stimulation on the tip of the clitoris. 

Alternatively, with higher price points, larger devices, and broader shaped toys, like the Doxy Wand, the toy will likely host a bigger motor and therefore bigger weight, creating more thrumbing and rumbling style vibrations. This is good if you want a slower build up of pleasure that awakens more nerve endings in the clitors and pelvic floor. 

This also goes cock rings with clitoral vibrators on them. You have the cheaper buzzy ones like the Screaming O, and higher-ended bulkier versions, like the Satisfyer Ring 2 Power

Wearable devices such as the Love Distance Reach is shaped like a butterfly, which means that it’s broad shape allows for the vibrations to be felt across the vulva, stimulating the different parts of the clitoris through the lips.

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Oral Simulation 

The latest and most popular trend in clitoral sex tech has to be the suction toy. These toys also have a motor, but instead of creating vibrations, it causes the silicone inside the mouth of the toy to pulsate back and forth, which moves the air in and out creating a suction sensation when applied to the body, which kind of feels like a mouth sucking.

Other oral simulators include toys that mimic a flickering tongue. Even the ears on rabbits, though they vibrate, can offer an oral-like sensation. 

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Kinky Sensations

If you’re interested in a little more of the pain side of pleasure, then kinky toys such as the Clitoral Electro-Stimulation Probe creates the sensation of electric shocks directed to your clitoris. Clit clamps are designed to pinch the clitoris, which, as the blood flows into the clitoris when you become increasingly aroused, becomes tighter—you can even get electro-stimulation nipple clamps to add to the fun. For even more sensation, just add conductive gel to the designated area. 

Due to the intense nature of the sensation, electrostim and clamps are great to use when enjoying power play—where you can tie someone up and have them surrender to the pleasure-pain sensations. 

Lubrication Sensations

And finally, probably the most underrated sex toy of them all. Lube. You can get a Liquid Vibrator, which is basically a lubricant that tingles and “vibrates” your clitoris. The “vibration” effect lasts approximately 20 min and can be applied again. While lube may not have any “tech” and can’t actually bring you to orgasm without additional stimulation, it still offers a whole new sensation to masturbation and sex, especially when combined with other toys.

You have heat and cooling lubes and CBD lube which practically do the same thing—awaken nerve endings to heighten sensitivity and physical arousal. Water-, oil-, and silicone-based lubes also offer alternative sensations respectively. 

So whatever the weather, whatever your mood, there are a plethora of clitoral sex toys out there. It’s great to know what your body wants, and exploring different toys can help you discover new ways to experience pleasure and orgasm.  

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