Getting Started with Anal Toys & Sex Tech Safely

While traditional anal sex toys are a great way to start exploring this area of the body, the future of butt play is seeing an age of smart anal sex innovation. These toys are designed exclusively to take you to new satisfying heights, and can be controlled via Bluetooth and wireless remote control.

You can explore anal sex tech by yourself at home, in public with a lover via remote control, as an online webcam model, or even if you’re in a long distance relationship. There are a whole lot of ways smart anal sex toys can add some new excitement to your sex life.

You may find different points of pleasure in and around the butt, depending on your anatomy. Nevertheless, whether you have a penis, vulva or are intersex, all anal regions are rich in nerve endings and can be a huge source of pleasure.

Things to Know Before Embarking on an Anal Adventure

Always make sure to only insert devices with a flared base or stopping point – the sphincter muscles are known to suck anything up there. You’ve been warned, now don’t end up in the emergency room. 

Most products these days are made with body-safe materials, but always be careful to read the ingredients as some products can include phthalates which are toxic and can cause hormonal disruptions if not cared for correctly. Check how to care for your toys here

Literally prepare your body, otherwise you could end up in a pretty sticky situation. It is advised to empty the bowels around an hour beforehand, cleaning the area with soap and water for a mess-free time.

Lube is your best friend when it comes to butt play. At the anus is not self-lubricating like other orifices are, it’s a good idea to get some oil-based lubricant to ease the toy into the area. Oil is good as it lasts longer than water-based lubes, and make sure to not use silicone-based lubes with silicone-based toys. 

Ensure you are aroused and relaxed before diving straight into this area. Muscle tension can make it much harder to penetrate… 

Prepare for what may happen after. Lay down some towels or protective sheets, or even enjoy anal play in the bath or shower using waterproof smart sex toys. 

Post play, always clean your toys, particularly anal sex toys to avoid the risk of spreading bacteria. 

Prostate & Perineum Play 

The prostate, commonly known as the male G-spot or even the P-spot, is a walnut-sized pleasure point inside the rectum, located between the bladder and the penis. Stimulating this point has been known to help people with penises reach ejaculation, and in some cases, more intense and full-bodied orgasms.

If you don’t want to enter the a-hole, the prostate can also be stimulated via the perineum. The perineum is also a rich source of nerve endings between the anus and the testicles, that, when stimulated via vibrations, can provide a lot of pleasure via indirect stimulation to the prostate.

The Extended Clitoris

Stimulating the butthole can be pleasurable for those with a prostate nearby, but for those with vulvas, anal orgasms are also a thing. Just as some studies have argued that the G-spot vaginal orgasm is part clitoral. 

Due to the size and shape of the internal clitoris body some people experience pleasure and even orgasms from anal stimulation, as the bulbs and legs can stretch as far back at the rectum. 

Smart Butt Plugs? That’s a thing?

Explicitly designed to please the rear, new smart sex technology is taking anal pleasure to the next level, making it easier, more fun and more creative. 

Smart vibrating butt plugs are designed to avoid the stress of reaching around to press inconveniently placed buttons to change the setting while the device is inside you. Relax into the vibrations and simply control via an app on your smartphone. 

Some smart anal vibrators are useful for those in long distance relationships, or even couples who just enjoy power play and public pleasures. Using the smart device’s companion app you can control the vibrator locally via Bluetooth or remotely via Wifi – even if you’re on totally opposite sides of the world. Orgasm control and edging can also be a fun sex game with sex tech. 

Some smart anal sex toys have also mastered the dual stimulation with their ingenious designs by simultanously vibrating the internal prostate and external perineum. 

So for anyone with a butthole… maybe it’s time to give your rear some extra pleasure with smart anal sex toys. 


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