13 Sex Tech Games To Enjoy Alone, Together or With Many

Whether you’re looking to shake up your self-pleasure routine, reignite the spark in your relationship, or connect with sexy strangers in a fun and exciting way, sex tech games can offer some inspiration.

We all have that desire to be entertained. That inner-kid wanting to play. But as adults, we rarely get the opportunity to let go of daily stress and just play. That’s probably why in the kink community, sex is typically referred to as ‘adult play’, because it’s just that, playing as adults.

Do you remember the last time you played a game? Like, got really stuck into it. Perhaps it was a board game with loved ones over the holidays. A game of chess. Or an online game. Think about how you feel when you’re totally immersed in a game. It’s almost meditative, exciting, and can provide different perspectives, challenges, and so much mindful joy.

Sex tech games are particularly designed to add some energy to your sex lives, boost your sexual wellbeing, and give you alternative and interactive ways to enjoy pleasure and orgasms.

Here are some sex tech games that we think you’ll enjoy.

#1 Name that Tune

Using sound responsive vibrators such as the OhMiBod ClubVibe (butt plug or clitoris version) or the Lovense Ferri, have a partner or sexy friend to sing, hum or play a song through the microphone as you where the vibrator.

#2 Online Orgy

If you are missing the good old days of sex dungeons, or you never got to try one out, thanks to Lovense, you can enjoy an orgy-tastic experience from the safety (Covid) and comfort of your own home. The idea is that you download its app to connect any Lovense toy to up to 100 people online to control in an cyber room of vibrating debauchery. How fun!

#3 Domination Quiz

Blindfold and tie up your partner and dominate them using a remote controlled vibrator or sleeve. Create a quiz that you can find online, and if they get a question right give them some stimulation. Wrong? You can edge them. Or the other way around, it’s totally up to you how you plan to dominate.

#4 Can You Keep a Straight Face?

Take your partner for a walk in the park or to your local high street with them wearing a pants vibrator. Make a rule, such as: any time you see a red car, you get to turn on the vibrations. If they can’t keep a straight face, up the ante.

#5 Orgasm Race

This one can be used for the long distance lovers to make a cybersex video chat way more fun by using toys to race to the finish line. Teledildonics Bonus: use a dual remote sex toy set such as the Kiiroo Pearl and the Titan to simultaneously feel and stimulate each other to orgasm – the first to orgasm loses!

#6 Couples’ Gaming Apps

Couples’ apps such as Kindu or Desire offer games such as kinky dares, or roulette wheels for new sex positions. They are designed to reignite passion and intimacy for those struggling to find inspiration in their relationships – ’cause we all have those moments.

#7 Wheel of Foreplay

Spin the Wheel of… Foreplay? This collab with YouPorn and Future of Sex built at the beginning of the pandemic allows for users to be inspired by a sexy suggestion. Today there are five packs of cards to choose from: long distance dating, sensual, physical, mindful, and going solo depending on your mood and status. The cards can range from “blindfold yourself for a sensual masturbation experience” to “make your own glory hole.”

#8 Interactive Dildo Machine

Take the game FlappyBird and combine it with a Motor-Bunny ride-on dildo machine and what do you get? FappyBunny, of course. It’s an app that works just like the well-known mobile game, but this time the higher the bunny jumps the higher the vibration.

#9 Interactive Kegel Trainer

No one enjoys doing their kegels, right? Well, sex tech may just have the answer for making kegels fun. Smart kegel exercisers such as Elvie’s pelvic floor trainer, GVibe GBalls 2, OhMiBod’s LoveLife Krush, and WeVibe’s Bloom, offer interactive apps to track, gamify and vibrate you into a regular practice. Plus, the benefits are twofold. Regular pelvic floor training gives you more sexual control, more natural lubrication and stronger orgasms.

#10 Hentai Website Gaming

Adult gaming websites such as Nutaku, provide a wide range of hentai themed sex games including dedicated LGBTQ+ content.

#11 Porn App Games

Adult app stores such as Aptoide, Mikandi, and Nutaku, all provide access to hundreds of porn games on the mobile device to make porn that much more accessible, exciting and interactive.

#12 Adult VR Games

Taking gaming to another level with 3D immersion, VR porn games such as VRLove and Dezyred allow the user to choose their own fantasy, customise avatars and simulate sex. Some even connect to teledildonics for a more physically realistic experience.

#13 DIY Sex Tech Games

Want to get a bit more creative? How about create your own DIY sex tech games, such as this BDSM predicament bondage, or Butt Plug.io’s version of Animal Crossing.

So there you have it, 13 sex tech games to get you through the inevitable the lulls of life and relationship, to inspire more joy and fun into your sex life! Have some more sex tech game ideas? Share this article, and let us know via our Twitter @sextechuk

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