Why You Should Introduce Sound Responsive Vibrators Into Your Sex Life

They say music is the key to the soul, so some sex tech companies are taking that a step further. For any audiophile, introducing musical masturbation into your sex life with Bluetooth enabled smart sex toy vibrators that sync in time to the rhythm and beat of your favourite songs is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to mixing things up a bit.

It’s a feature that’s predominantly available on clitoral and G-spot vibrators designed by OhMiBod and We-Vibe, where the beats are picked up via the respective apps – OhMiBod’s Club Mode and We-Connect’s Beat Mode. However, OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH and Lelo’s Siri 2 have inbuilt microphones allowing them to respond to sound directly from the device, so you can ditch the phone.

Siri 2 also offers preset vibrations that mimic classical tunes to techno beats. OhMiBod’s Freestyle W (clit and G-Spot toy) Freestyle G (G-spot toy) sync to your vibrator via an iPod, iPhone and any mp3 player, or for partner play connect to your home sound system.

Of course there are many ways you could creatively enjoy this musical number to enhance your sex life. Make a sensual playlist to figure out what works best for your body. Perhaps collating a range of tracks from slow and soft, building to a crescendo, with a hard and fast beat for the climax.

Alternatively, you could take your toy out with you to your favourite concert or night club, dancing and vibrating in time to the music. For public enjoyment, we’d recommend more discreet smart vibrators such as the OhMiBod’s Club Vibe 2.OH clitoral stimulator (with additional black thong to slot it into place), and the Club Vibe 3.OH Hero vibrating butt plug. Both are lightweight and both offer a choice of five different intensity levels, depending on how public and loud a place you are in.

The future of digital intimacy is totally creative, you can even sync up these vibrators to the sound of your partner’s voice to have them serenade you. In a long distance relationship? Play a game where you guess the track from the vibrations. Or, perhaps, for some solo time, listen to audio porn where the vibrations increase in time to the building of the moans.

Whatever sounds may turn you on, sync them, and enjoy the vibes.

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